Cyber Liability Insurance: Now Available

Comprehensive Commercial Cyber Service 
and Cyber Liability Insurance


Bankers is excited to announce we're now offering a low-cost insurance solution to help protect businesses against cyber threats.

New Business and Renewal Effective Date: October 6, 2019


Provides $100,000 coverage:

  • Civil proceeding or investigation including requests for information for an actual or allege violation of any privacy regulation (PII data) brought on behalf of any federal, state, or foreign governmental agency including;
    • Defense & settlement or judgment
    • Regulatory fines & penalties (including PCI)
    • Mandatory forensic examination
  • PCI re-certification services to re-certify compliance with PCI Security Standards
  • Crisis management and fraud prevention expense:
    • Notification
    • Credit Monitoring
    • Public Relations
    • Call center
    • Forensics
    • Associated Legal Expenses
    • Sub-limits apply:
    • Ransomware - $10,000
    • Telecommunications Theft - $10,000
    • Social Engineering Fraud - $10,000


Questions? Reach out to our team at the email or phone number listed below. We truly value our partnership and your loyalty to Bankers Insurance Group. 


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