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Bankers Gives Back

The season of thanks and giving is here, and we want to express our gratitude for your continued partnership.

Social responsibility is one of the five core values at Bankers. We are committed to giving back to the communities in which we do business. Bankers partners with nearly a dozen charities and we’re pleased to announce; we were awarded  the Tampa Bay One (Corporate Philanthropy) Award. Bankers is one of only 18 companies to receive the award. 

 We want to offer a huge thank you to our agent partners for their overwhelming support at last month’s Sol Relief Benefit for the Bahamas. Sol Relief and Bankers Financial Corporation (BFC) were able to raise over $35,000, which BFC matched!
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Have you thought about Bankers for those larger commercial properties, such as strip malls? We’ve found we are competitive, so give us a try. Here is an example of a recent commercial property we secured in Florida:
  • 3 buildings
  • 36,000 square
    feet each
  • Approx. $3.48 Million RC Value for each building
  • 1992 Masonry Non-Combustible
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Join us on December 10th or 12th for an informative webinar as we go over the National Flood Insurance Program's cancellation policy. The webinar will take you through the rules, most common cancellation reasons, and documents required. Schedule your webinar here
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Cyber Liability Coverage and Merchant Charge Back Service are now included in Bankers’ BOP policies for only $109. This a great selling point, which makes it very affordable and easy. Our $100,000 Cyber Liability is primary and could be used to pay fines, penalties, or a secondary Cyber policy deductible. 

Please email customer service within 30 days if you wish to remove one or both of these products.
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We are excited to announce Bankers is offering a new Dwelling Fire Program that will be available to select Florida agents in late December 2019. Be on the lookout for the new product launching in our other Core States in 2020.

Did you know you can find us on these comparative raters?
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Our Builders Risk Single Shot Program includes apartment buildings and storage facilities; your client base just got bigger. Learn more about our Builders Risk Single Shot Program and what it can do for your clients.
Employee Spotlight with Joe Gregg

Flor Urena is a Lead Customer Service Rep that has been with Bankers for 3 years. Get to know a little more about Flor here.

Decision HR Download with link to blog

DecisionHR is excited to announce they have partnered with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide employee benefits to small- and medium-sized businesses in New York and Connecticut.
Read more here.

As a reminder, in observance of the holidays
 Bankers Insurance Group will be closed the folllowing days:

Tuesday, December 24th - Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 25th - Christmas Day

Wednesday, January 1st - New Years Day