FL Agents: Reminder - Florida Pristine Homeowners, Dwelling Fire and Renters Restrictions have been lifted


Restrictions for Florida Pristine Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, and Renters have been lifted

Territory: Florida
Product: Pristine Homeowners (HO3), Dwelling Fire (DP3), and Renters (H04)

Did you know we opened up our Pristine Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, and Renters program Wind Guidelines in Florida last month? The following previously closed counties for wind business are now open: Bay, Broward, Escambia, Miami-Dade, Okaloosa, Palm Beach, Santa Rosa, and Walton.

We also made some changes to our quoting portal. If you are remarketing a policyholder, you will be asked to enter prior insurance carrier information after selecting' No' to a new purchase.


​​​​We hope these new guidelines will make it even easier to place more business with us.

Questions? Reach out to your Territory Sales Manager or our team at the contact information listed below. 

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